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Ways to Treat Your Dog’s Bad Breath

A dog is always a favorite pet for everyone. A dog can be our company while being alone at home. Besides, they can be our best friends in life. It is because they live with us, sleep with us, exercise with us, and accompany us every time. Even they also like to kiss and lick our faces. Sometimes, we didn’t notice their smells or breaths that then become bad. It could be because of their habits, diets, or toothbrush. Diet can affect some diseases, which are quite similar to humans. Therefore, you need to provide the best food for your dogs, such as Weruva or Pinnacle, a dog food without yeast products.

dog breath

Regarding the bad smells, it could cause the disease in your dog. On the other hand, the health of your pet’s mouth and teeth can also affect all other aspects of your dog’s health. Besides the fact that good oral health is required for ingestion, smelly breath and dental problems can also indicate other issues. This problem could be bigger if you didn’t try to overcome it. Therefore, you need to ensure that any solution to heal their bad breath can work for them.

Dental Chewing Bone

There is plenty of chewing bone for dogs. The chewing bone is also provided in some variants. The best variant should be mint flavor, but not all dogs will like it. It is why you need to test it for your dogs. However, this mint flavor could be the toothpaste for your dog that can give fresh breath.

It did smell better, and even when it reached into your lap and tried to give you his breath, it wasn’t too overwhelming. It means that the candy worked for the dog. The package also says that it reduces the accumulation of tartar down to the gum line when the dog chews.

Healthy Candy dog kisses human

Besides the chewing bone, you also can give your dog candy. The candy in here means healthy candy, which has a fresh smell but tastes good. The dogs love candy and often sniff around; that’s why it could be helpful. However, the treatment instructions imply that teeth cleaning and even annual visits to the vet are still considered the perfect approach to support your pet’s teeth and breath. For the candy recommendation, you can find it online. Also, you can ask your relatives or neighbors.

Possible Other Disease

According to WebMD, dogs with bad breath can have gastrointestinal tract problems, respiratory problems, or other internal organ problems. It is no different from people who may have bad breath for reasons not directly related to their teeth and gums’ health. If your pet has a strange breath, you must go to your vet to rule out health problems. Although this is dental caries/breath, it can also be a sign of other medical problems.

In this case, if you have already try to give the chewing bone or candy to your dog, but the breath is still that bad, you need to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. It helps you to prevent any dangerous issues to your dog. Therefore, you won’t worry about your dog.