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The strong influence of fashion on our dressing

When Sofia, the teenage Israeli model debuted for the Dior show, her stories dominated the celebrity sections of the papers for a month. Mainstream media branded the happening as a modern day Cinderella story. The story of how a girl from an impoverished childhood lifestyle would begin modeling expensive clothes meant for the mainstream market is impressive. This just serves as one example of the talented pool of young teenagers curving out a stake for themselves in the fashion world. In the world of fashion, youth is key.

Young fashion runway models

modelsThe models on the fashion runways are meant to be beautiful, desirable, elegant and sophisticated. Young models put pressure on older models to maintain a thin physique and maintain their elegance. Young girls in the model industry can face several challenges which might turn out to be uncomfortable or confusing. At first, they will be subjected to endless criticism regarding their bodies. This criticism mostly arises from designers and agents. The heated debate in feminism circles is why a models worth is narrowed down to her measurements. However, the young models must be content with the view and portrayal of their bodies as sexual objects. At first, it is not easy, however with time, one gets used to it.

Hot fashion for the youth

Employment of young girls by modeling agencies is part of the broader industry believes that looking good is associated with the young. Television adverts, magazines, and billboards brief us daily with messages that demonize aging. It’s probably not surprising that pharmaceutical companies make a killing in sales due to this urge for youth. Today, more people are signing up for plastic surgery and buying anti-aging products. There is a perception
that young women should be accorded more attention. If we take a look at the outstanding women in mainstream media, from talk show hosts to actors and models, what mainly stands out is that they are mostly young women.

With young teenagers appearing on our runways and fashion magazines, many wonder whether it is crazy for older women to model products suitable for older women.

Fashion is a movement

Teenager brands make the young women look classier. More people associate themselves with certain brands or images to portray a certain identity. Young people tend to classify themselves by the brands they wear. It might be a new dress, shirt or jeans that have just hit the market. There is this strong peer pressure among teenagers that compels them to keep up with the latest fashion brands failure to which they will feel left out. Lagging behind in fashion trends can get them bullied or excluded in social circles when at school. Psychologically, fashion becomes the best way to hide their fears and feel more confident.


womanAttitudes towards fashion and can change in a society based on the opinions of many teenagers. Most teens remain receptive to high school fashions that influence their picks when purchasing teen dresses. Modern celebrities highly influence our societies. When young, teens get a great deal of emotional support from their parents. However, as they get older this support is derived from their friends. This I why they tend to fit into certain cliques so as to be part of a social group. This groups directly influence their dressing.